First steps!

There! I’ve done it!

After a few days filled with pondering what I could possibly write about myself on my ‘About’ page, I managed to come up with an actually longer text than I was aiming for, complete with a TL;DR (in a fancy noticeable green box!) for those that feel hit by a wall of text.
By no means an easy feat for me, but I am happy it is over and done with, giving this site maybe a bit more focus as we go along and at the very least a posting schedule.

Design-wise I am still a bit unsure on how to deal with my photo galleries/projects… Well, the main menu on the top in general in fact! I cannot have too many pages linked there, I hate it when sections move to a second line… So I might muse a bit on the site infrastructure in the upcoming days, switch things up here and there to try stuff out and evaluate the location of f.i. my contact form.

Hope it doesn’t break! Let me know if things start to look messy!


2 thoughts on “First steps!

    1. Thanks! That’s great to know.
      It will be a while until we get to the newer work. I’d rather not oversaturate now and wind up with nothing left to publish later on…

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