The Low Lands of Holland


Despite having grown up in The Netherlands, this gallery is (and will most likely be) among my smallest ones. I have no idea why, but I usually don’t feel extremely inspired to do much with my camera when I am there. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful albeit flat country! Quite overpopulated in the West and much less so in the Northern, Eastern or Southern parts, The Netherlands offers varied cityscapes (from modern Rotterdam to typical canal-cities like Amsterdam/Den Haag/Leiden/Delft/etc.) and different scenery (beaches, rural areas, heath, forests, even hills!). Fairly amazing for a country so small! And there should be something for everybody to see! However, it cannot seem to charm me… Maybe it is because it is so flat, so green with all the rural areas and cattle, that lots of photos start to look the same… Or maybe it is the wind, continuously all around you (even though the weather report says it should come from a definite direction!) and giving you a good chill during a winter with high humidity. Who knows? One thing is for sure, I will keep trying to work on this gallery when I’m back home. Maybe more from the seaside, more architectural photos whenever I am in a city, etc… Let’s just call it a long (and slightly tiresome) work-in-progress…