Outstanding images..?

These last few days I have been pondering about two blog posts written by Ming Thein in which he details on what makes an outstanding image. The essay turned out to be so long that it had to be spit up in two different sections, which can be found here and here. Generally I like reading bits and pieces of his blog since he is not too shy to share with his readers what works and what doesn’t, does some product reviews and can take critique as well when his photos are not liked. However, the above-mentioned posts got me thinking about my photography… I all of a sudden became much more conscious of the photos I have made and their quality or sometimes lack thereof! In all honesty, it made me a bit nervous…

The thinking already started when we come to the type A (upload everything), type B (upload most, mostly mediocre quality) and type C (consistent quality) persons. I’d love to a type C, but let’s be honest, I am not quite there yet! Since I do not upload everything and leave all my rejects safely hidden away, I can hope I am in between a B and C! But this evolution will come in due time with practice, practice, practice. (I probably do not practice enough though…)

And onwards both posts go with all the different aspects on what makes a photo work and what doesn’t. And I have to admit, I do agree with all those things, obviously I do. The thing that struck me though while reading is that I do not have such a train of thought going on while I am looking for a scene. I just take out the camera (or take up the camera when it is already out), adjust rapidly (if I had not done that before already), compose (somewhat difficult when having glasses on while peeking through a rangefinder) and click! And while I in the end have quite some photos, I reject most of them, take the ones I am most content with (note: content, usually not excitedly happy) and work with those. So that makes me wonder, do I apply some of these rules unconsciously? I know I learnt about them in art classes as well…

In the end, I decided not to worry too much about it. I am not out to change the world, merely out to have some fun while documenting my life and moments I find interesting or funny at a specific moment in time, get better in photography in a leisurely way and give my family back home something to watch on the interwebs. And that is maybe the most important of it all!


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