Summer memories


Last weekend I wrote that it had gotten freezing cold around these parts and that still holds true today. The temperatures have been around -10 to -15/20-ish degrees Celcius for a good week and the nights have been clear and full of stars. To my big surprise however, tiny snowflakes started to fall Friday afternoon and soon enough everything was covered by a thin powdery layer of snow. I did not think it was possible with temperatures around -12C, but there it was regardless (and it keeps crisp and makes crunchy sounds too when one walks on it since it just won’t melt!). News reports mentioned all sorts of chaos due to heavy snows elsewhere in Europe, but here in Norway things are relatively calm.

While strolling through the snow in Oslo (work-related) the past two days, I started to think back about the Summer vacation and the good time we had in Paris. It was much too short time spent there, we were only there for a few days but great memories none the less.
I shot hundreds of photos there, but only picked some for publication here. It’s not necessarily the best selection I could have made, but it reflects well what we did with our limited time. Some of them extremely touristy (hello Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacré Coeur, Louvre!), some of them snapshots (“Rune, stand still!!!!” *shutter sound*), all of them converted to black and white.

Seeing them makes me want to go back, but that will have to wait for another day. For now it is freezing cold, crispy snow and darkness on the menu!