Icy blue

A few weeks ago I had to make the somewhat annoying trip to Norway’s capital, Oslo. The goal was to send in an application for a new passport. The main reason for it to be annoying is that the whole delivery-in-person of the application takes about 5-10 minutes, but a plane has to be taken and return-tickets have to be bought. Oh well, such is life abroad…

As usual the weather had once again turned and it was freezing cold again. I decided to take my camera along to kill time in Oslo, though I was not entirely prepared for how cold it really would be on arrival (Did not put on woolen undergarments…). Not many pictures were taken and my walk consisted out of going in and out of shops to warm up… At last I arrived at the Oslo Opera House (nothing scenic along the way from the embassy to the Opera House) and decided to give handling my camera with my mittens on a try. I somehow managed! It was hard (it nearly dropped)! Without mittens was not an option! The Oslo Opera House was looking rather beautiful in this eerie frozen cast of blue light. It is a rather special kind of light that I have only seen in Norway, never in The Netherlands, and that I associate with Winter, low temperatures and the twilight that remains when the Sun has been showing its face for a wee time. I love it!