Dream House

“He must trust, and he must have faith. And so he builds, because what is building, and rebuilding and rebuilding again, but an act of faith?”
Dave Eggers

During October 2012, we spent a long weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland, helping our friends with their latest and time consuming project. Building the house you’ve drawn yourself and doing most of the work by yourself requires a lot of dedication, as well as helpful hands of friends and family. Photos feature our friends as well as Rune giving a helpful hand. I did not do much useful stuff (..useless..!), but set about documenting things here and there. Documenting things consisted out of watching people lug rocks, bricks and junk around, having a delicious lunch in a very colourful pub (can’t remember the name) and climbing up and down to and from the second floor. As exciting as building a house may be, being on a building site can get a bit dull at times. So after a while, I decided to take a walk and wandered off to Holyrood Park with the goal of going up to Arthur’s Seat. As I was getting closer, I saw a storm rolling in and turned around instead, making my way down the Salisbury Crags and meeting a flock of rather docile swans on my way back to the site. Hence the entirely off topic photos on the page. I imagine we will be traveling back, maybe some time this year (?), to see how much progress has been made and to lend a hand if needed.