Dreaming of the hunt

This is Thopus, a Norwegian forest cat living in Otta. Norwegian forest cats are super cool. Looking like tiny lynxes with fluffy hairy ears, lots of fur and a long furry bushy tail. Perfectly adapted to the cold, quite handy since they like to hunt outside.

While spending a weekend there, I had been stalking this kitty cat for a short while as he does not look like Dutch (house) cats. Sadly, Thopus was not enarmoured with the camera, despite being a young and curious cat, and it proved a bit of a challenge. (He preferred to wake me in the morning by jumping on the bed, pretending that my feet were mice he could catch… At 05:00 AM…!) Here he is being a good model, because he’s sleeping and dreaming about hunting. His tiny forepaws kept striking out as if he was catching or toying with his prey. It was the cutest thing. A cat’s life must be fantastic; hunting, sleeping, sitting around, more sleeping.