An Oppdal Easter trip

Come Good Friday, Rune and I packed our bags and drove South towards Oppdal to spend some days at a cabin on a mountainside. We were lucky with the weather. After arrival some sunning on the porch before dinner and staying up late.

Saturday proved to be another sunny day. Off we (my mother-in-law, Rune and me) went with our cross-country skiing equipment to have fun in the snow. First a hike up the mountain to come closer to the tree border, then into the countryside to put our equipment to use and start our trip. The snow was so soft and the sky so blue. Surprisingly, we did not meet a lot of people while skiing. We had expected to encounter many, but not so. I had slight difficulties during the trip (alpine skiing = woohoo!, cross-country skiing = eek!). All in all, my trip was around 4 kilometers, with a highest point slightly below 900 meters above sea level. Rune, however, took a longer trip. From where he left us, he went straight up the mountainside to go up to Storhornet, with it’s top nearly at 1600 meters above sea level. It must have been quite a view!

Sunday was a cloudy day and therefore had a temperature that felt colder than it actually was. I spent the day reading and relaxing, but took the time to snap an agile squirrel, munching on bird seeds.

(On a side-note, while in Lightroom 4 my photos appear to be much lighter than they do after export and upload to WordPress! The snow has much more white- and greytones in Lightroom than they do in these posts. I have not corrected for this.)