Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

On the 17th of May, Norway celebrates it’s Constitution Day/Nasjonaldagen. People put on their bunad (traditional clothing) with the appropriate silver/golden accessories, wave the Norwegian flag and gather. I learned at work that this day starts off very early, even more so when there are children involved. Around 06:00 o’clock, people get up and put on their bunad. Around 07:00 o’clock the flag is hoisted. And then off it is to the city centre for, here in Trondheim at least, the children’s parade (with marching bands). The citizens’ parade is later during the day (again, with marching bands). There are a lot of speeches and it’s generally an inclusive day for foreign people in Norway. For a general introduction, video footage from Oslo/Royal Palace (NRK) with options to go to separate sections.


I generally shy from the city centre on a day like the 17th of May and went on a walk with Rune instead. We took another stretch of Ladestien, the sunny side mentioned in 12 standing, 3 drowning (Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern). It was warm (nearly 25C), sunny and very quiet. The national anthem barely audible in the distance. And to my big delight, we found the huge megaphone that I found a while ago in the city centre (Norway, Europe). I felt like shouting in it, but on nearing it I noticed two men sitting on the outer edge, quietly enjoying a smoke, gazing at Trondheimsfjorden and a distant Munkholmen.


Escaping, with just the sea, the wind and a giant megaphone.

“Yet there are moments when the walls of the mind grow thin; when nothing is unabsorbed, and I could fancy that we might blow so vast a bubble that the sun might set and rise in it and we might take the blue of midday and the black of midnight and be cast off and escape from here and now.”
Virginia Woolf, The Waves


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    1. Thank you!Long hikes in the wilderness sounds nice and adventurous. I have not gone on any long hikes myself. However, with nature all around Trondheim, escaping to the woods (f.i.) for a walk (or a hike) is only 15 minutes away!

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