“Come away, Oh human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world’s more full of weeping than you can understand.”
W.B. Yeats, The Collected Poems

Since the Pentecost weekend earlier this month, the weather has been remarkably fair. Temperatures had been soaring up from a brisk 10C to well above 20C, making for wonderful warm days. Perfect for walks and photography, and the days indeed have been getting longer and longer as time hurries on towards Midsummer.

Rune and I have been making good use of the weather. You never know how long it might last. This could very well be our Summer this year (I certainly hope we’ll have Summer during the actual Summer-season as well). Walks, relaxing on our veranda, running outside, it has been great so far. And putting down motivation to study on work projects and household chores. Who would want to do such boring things when you can be outside?

One of the walks was in Bymarka, west of the city centre. We started at Baklidammen, walking past a lot of fishermen and making our way uphill. All the while making photos here and there along the walking tracks. Despite it being rather warm, we met a fair share of sweaty runners and some mountain bikers. The higher up we went, the more signs of Winter could be seen, fighting against the onslaught of Spring. Snow patches between the trees, ice melting and dripping in the creeks, even a thin layer of ice glazing over the water at Kobberdammen.

While sitting down for the view, we marvelled over the presence of ice and the bathers that did not seem to care much for the water temperature. We did not feel like bathing and instead made our way downhill again to head back home, satisfied with our time in nature.

(For an approximate walk-route and map, see Google map of the areaย and pick the option Bicycling under Traffic to view the trails between Baklidammen and Kobberdammen.)


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    1. Indeed, plenty of such walks all around Trondheim.
      We didn’t walk all that far, but it sure seemed like it lasted a lot longer than it should have because of the photo breaks.

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