17-18/06/2013 – Stretching our legs in Reykjavík

Week 25 – A trip to Iceland, the first post on getting your Zzz and muscle work done. These posts are more like travel reports so if you feel like a wall of text is hitting you, scroll on and watch the photos instead.

On June the 17th, Rune and I boarded an Icelandair plane bound for Iceland’s capital Reykjavík. From Keflavík International Airport it was onwards to Reykjavík with the Flybus (tip: return ticket), which took us through the green and mossy lava fields (smell: sulphur) during a 40 minutes drive. When we reached the city, people got dropped off at various hotels and along the way we encountered lots of people and heard loud music. Turns out it was Icelandic National Day, all about celebrating independence from Denmark (1944)! Finally we arrived at our hotel, Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina.

On arrival, the reception looked like a big lounge area with comfy sofas and colourful chairs. Very hip and trendy! The design team must have liked making up weird sayings, because the hotel was filled with signs with quirky lines (f.i. no smoking but buy a viking helm instead for all the money you would have to spend on the fine). This design, including quirky sayings, stretched on in our room. I forgot to make the photos with my M9P, so here they are from the iPhone 5 camera.

It was not a big room, just a standard one with a bed, 2 colourful chairs and a small sofa, but it was rather cozy. We had a view on the harbour, but there was not much to see as a huge boat was docked for maintenance right in front of us… The small but functional bathroom was hidden behind matte glass panels.

We hit the Slippbarinn/Slipp Bar, located at the hotel, for a bite to eat. Main (both) – Fish in a Pan: cod, spinach, potatoes in a little frying pan. Dessert (me) – Divine Dollop v2: mascarpone, caramel, pear meringue, raspberries and strawberries. The brunch is apparently alright there, but we did not try that. It seemed to be fairly popular as well amongst the locals. We spent most of the evening here, feeling like our arrival in the afternoon had wasted away a big part of the day. Icelandair does not have convenient travel times…

The next day, June the 18th, we settled for some training to start the day with. After a brief check on the hotel’s Boiler Room (gym), we decided that, while nice and with enough facilities, we would rather not be putting on a show. The gym had glass walls, completely see-through… So…no, thank you to that! If you would like to be on display, you will find enough stuff in there to work out with. But outside we went! I am happy to report that it is rather excellent to just run along the coastline and enjoying the view, from the hotel you could really just go either way.

I chose to go West and snapped some photos along the way with my iPhone (obviously I did not go running with an actual camera).

I ran as far as you can see on the left photo and then back the same way on a nicely asphalted cycling lane and met some other early morning runners. As usual along coastlines, a lot of wind. Sadly I also got caught in the downpour displayed far off in the distance on the right photo.

I am happy I brought some training clothes along though!