Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece


Last week we spent a week of our vacation in Edinburgh, Scotland, to check up on our friends. I have posted about their project, building their dream house, previously.

They have come a long way. The frontal facade is still intact, though the door has been replaced. Walls, insulated and all, have been erected, tracing the lines outside and inside through hallways and bedrooms. A roof is covering the building, big windows letting the light through. The floor has been poured in and was, while we there, being polished to a grey shining. It looks near habitable, though for now lacking kitchen and bathroom(s).

It is amazing to think that two people have done so much with help here and there from friends, and some work from builders where it was deemed necessary. The house will be amazing when it is done.

Side note 1: I have shot some photos while in Scotland (and Bergen, Norway) during the time away from home. Not as much as I had hoped for and not as interesting, making it hard for me to decide what I want with them. It might be a little while before I put a new post up, giving me some time to decide what I actually want to tell, if anything at all.

Side note 2: Here’s to hoping it is not too late for the Weekly Photo Challenge!


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