NaPhoPoMo/NaBloPoMo 1-3: Breakfast, dizziness and a tiger

Once again I am late to the party. I had been away from my usual surfing-the-internet-spot on the couch and had failed to notice that it would be time for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), NaPhoPoMo (National Photo Posting Month) and the most stressful one, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, 50.000 words!). In recent years the National tag has mostly become an arbitrary tag as the projects have gone international, so it can be interpreted as “any nation you are in”. I had previously considered participating, but deemed it a daunting and intimidating project. This year I will give it a go and we will see how far I will get. It will at the very least be a good photography exercise.

So far I am already 2 days behind (!) and sadly it is not allowed to back post (!). However, I did take photos on these blog-ill-fated days and cheats or not (blasted WordPress for changing the file names to upload times), I used them anyway (see the gallery above)!

In conclusion this project will hopefully consist of:

  • 28 blog posts;
  • 30 photos for every November day, taken with iPhone (easier to carry around than main camera), edited to black and white with Google Nik Snapseed for iOS, quality not guaranteed;
  • compilation gallery when the project is concluded (even if the project turns into a failing endeavour).

3 thoughts

    • I am starting to doubt that I will be able to complete… It is difficult to come up with things to take photos off, or to find things that are interesting enough. We are soon transcending into the mundane…

      • So start off by looking for the mundane – and alter the way you’d normally see it… I think it’d be far easier than loking for the extraordinary. At least that’s all I ever do – with pictures or writing. Just slight shifts one way or the other. I love what you’re doing – you’ve got everything going the right way. Let it happen.

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