Through the looking glass (Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections)


Week 11, 2014 – Part I on our Great Britain trip, and incidentally also an entry into the Weekly Photo Challenge. Photos taken during this trip were not taken with a travel report in mind, instead they were taken in the most casual way possible.

This month we headed towards Great Britain once again. Camera battery charged, Kindle updated with a new book, one shared suitcase, and elated moods. It would be a one week trip, first stop London. Halfway through we would take the train to Edinburgh. Some photos were shot here and there, but I had not taken them with any narrative in mind. In the upcoming weeks, a number of them will be published in no particular order.

“What does a mirror look at?”
Frank Herbert, Chapterhouse: Dune

11/03/2014 – The above photo was taken in the GNH bar, proclaimed to be “One Of The Best Bars in King’s Cross” and “A Railway Bar Without Rival In Europe”. Bold claims, and I am not so sure I entirely agree. Then again, I did not go to all the bars in King’s Cross and Europe is a continent with surely a lot of railway bars. The ceiling was all mirrored panels and chandeliers, having a nice interplay of light, lines, and reflections of bustling waiters and patrons. A darker world, being upside-down.


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    1. And…not even any overweight despite it being filled with normal clothes and an extra pair of shoes (both of us), training clothes and training shoes (both of us), and various chargers and other random useful things. We’ve become really good in packing our stuff!

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