Week 11, 2014 – Part II on our Great Britain trip. Photos taken during this trip were not taken with a travel report in mind, instead they were taken in the most casual way possible. The previousย instalment, and Weekly Photo Challenge, was about going through the looking glass.

11/03/2014 – After going through customs and collecting our suitcase, we bought one-way tickets for the Heathrow Express train to Paddington station. After finding the way down to the platform, we found the train had just departed and we had to wait for the next one. It would only be a 15 minute wait and I contended myself with playing around with my camera (“No flash allowed!”, “?? ..But.. Okay, thank you..”). People were slowly making their way into the dark tunnel, and I watched them line themselves up next to the wall and gazing at the red light further on in the tunnel. Fidgeting, moving a little ways here and a little ways there, waiting for the next train.

I am well aware that the woman in the photo should have been in focus instead of the light in the tunnel, but I had some difficulties with her moving a lot and the train conductor eyeing me. I chose to publish the photo anyway as I like the mood of it, even though it is a flawed photo.


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    1. I have no idea! No warning signs museum style, nothing indicating anything could be damaged or harmed, just CCTV surveillance. I didn’t bother asking for the why, choosing to not take up the discussion to not wind up in a situation where I would not be allowed to take any photos at all.

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