Breathing space

Week 11, 2014 – Part III on our Great Britain trip. Photos taken during this trip were not taken with a travel report in mind, instead they were taken in the most casual way possible. The previous instalments were about going through the looking glass and staring into dark tunnels.

Whenever we’re in London, a little trip to Tate Modern is in order. I just love it there! We walk the distance, cross the very popular Millennium Bridge, and wind up right in front of the museum. Usually we head there without any preparation on the exhibitions, preferring to figure it out once we get there. This time around there was an exhibition on Richard Hamilton, a British pop art founder with a career spanning several decades. Tickets were bought, leaflets collected, and up the stairs we went towards the main exhibition rooms.


While standing on a platform I looked down on this beautifully big hall filled with nothing, seeing two girls taking a break from all that art in the upper levels of the museum. As I readied my camera, the girls started to pack up their belongings to maybe continue exploring all the art. Handing over our tickets, we entered the exhibition. Parts of it were rather nice, especially the parts where he was combining industrial designs with art. Or where he had been mixing science models and art. Those pieces resonated with me. Sadly I did not care much for the actual pop art where he would process photos and paintings with different materials and make it something different entirely, which is what he probably is most known for! Not that it matters much. It’s always nice to look at art, gain some inspiration, and learn something new about artists. I look forward to our next visit!