Spring in Trondheim

A slight digression from the current theme of posting about the trip to Great Britain. The lovely weather over here warrants a post to show that it is not always depressing to live in the North!

It was already a rather crappy and warm Winter, mostly lacking snow and ice, and rather infuriating for all the snow- and ski-loving Norwegians. I was not complaining though, it is nice to occasionally have a Winter without the need for (once again, hip and trendy) woollen underwear and winter shoes! But as we headed into the Spring, it became a rather stale affair, cloud covers and rain.

Not so these last few days! Not a cloud in sight, plenty of sun hours (!), and a pleasant temperature. Great for my running adventures, and especially great for training morale. And of course for taking walks around the city.


During the Easter weekend, Rune, my mum-in-law and I took a leisurely walk towards the city centre. The goal was to order a nice and special cup of coffee, hang out at the coffee place, and enjoy the sun. Obviously we were not the only ones with such in mind, it was impossible to find a table anywhere! It ended up with us ordering a cup of coffee to-go, heading towards Nidelva and relaxing on a bench while watching people who were kayaking past us.


It is important to savour the lovely days we have, snow has already been announced for the upcoming week! It will probably not last, but it will mean a temporary end to the Spring and nice weather experience.


2 thoughts on “Spring in Trondheim

    1. Thank you!

      It’s a shame the current Summer coffee menu isn’t up on the coffee place’s website. But they have one with coffee, chocolate, (soy) milk and chilli; not a Summer special that one though. On the Summer menu is the one I currently like; it’s with coffee, chocolate, something raspberry and (soy) milk. I sense a chocolate theme here, but still “Mmm..”. Of course you can also get regular coffee ๐Ÿ˜‰

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