A long train ride

Week 11, 2014 – Part IV on our Great Britain trip. Photos taken during this trip were not taken with a travel report in mind, instead they were taken in the most casual way possible. The previous instalments were about going through the looking glassstaring into dark tunnels, and pondering over art.

Our holiday had been planned such that we would spend the first half in London and the latter half in Edinburgh, as mentioned in the first instalment of this series. So after a few days in sunny London, it was time to once again pack our suitcase. We said goodbye to the kind staff at our hotel, and made our way to King’s Cross/St. Pancras station.


I absolutely love the architecture of the train station, the high ‘dome’ and the interplay with the coloured lights. As always the station was packed with people running to and fro, trailing suitcases behind them. We were not in a hurry and leisurely strolled towards the platform. Our East Coast Train had just been opened for boarding, so in we hopped.

The seats we had reserved were rather alright, neither of us had a person next to us, we had a table between us (for food and whatever else we wanted to put on), power outlets in the walls (without power converter, but being sensible people we brought that along ourselves), and we were seated next to the window. Due to arrive a little over 4 hours after departure, we made ourselves as comfortable as we could, surrounded by our gadgets. Fortunately East Coast Trains provide wi-fi. Unfortunately, my iPhone kept on losing wi-fi-connection, and I received prompts that I should pay up. That wasn’t supposed to happen since there should be wifi available when travelling first-class. I gave up after trying for a while. At least I had my Kindle and my camera!

Upon arrival in Edinburgh, we found the weather conditions rather poor compared to those in London. The result is that I did not shoot a lot of photos there, and as such, this is the last part of the instalments on the March 2014 Great Britain trip.


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    1. Thank you! It is a gorgeous train station. Plus there are pianos all around to play on should you feel the need to express yourself in music. When I took the photo, most people were running anxiously around to catch their trains. But I am sure it attracts architecture lovers as well!

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