Jaktstart 15 km – Toppidrettsveka 2014 in Trondheim

We walked over to Brubakken, known for its CycloCable bike escalator and an elevation grade of about 23 %, and waited somewhere around the top for the athletes to race by. I shot the photos with my iPhone 5 as I am just too slow with manual focus and I was certain that I would fail horribly with my Leica M9-P.


The women started first, and there were both big names and lots of juniors competing with the seniors. I failed to capture the biggest attractors (Marit Bjørgen, Heidi Weng, Therese Johaug), because everybody jostled to have a good look and cheer at them. The results for the women were not surprising at all, Marit Bjørgen finished first.

There was a lot of jostling during the men’s race as well and especially by the female spectators, but I managed snapping a frame with the top three athletes though they crossed the finish in a different order.

It was nice to have this pursuit race as an ending to Toppidrettsveka 2014 in with so many of Trondheim’s inhabitants watching and cheering.