Labours of Hercules


I had high hopes for the Greek-Etruscan collection at the Louvre as I had several years of studying Latin, Classical Greek, and Classical Culture during my secondary school years. As I have written before, a significant part of the collection was under restoration and not up for display. Sadly we didn’t get to see that much, so it was rather disappointing. We have to make another trip!

I did however see the above amphora and I recognized the image instantly. I particularly loved Hercules’s labours in school, and it is easy to see that the image depicts Athena helping Hercules to overcome Cerberus. It was rather surprising that this old thing is still in such a terrific state, the colours and details were still exquisite after all these years!


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  1. It can be very disappointing to visit a museum and not see something (of particular interest) because it is closed for renovation or restoration. But I suppose that’s the nature of a museum’s work – to preserve for posterity.

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