il Duomo di Milano

The largest cathedral in Italy and the 5th largest church in the world, having taken nearly six centuries to be build. The cathedral is dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente and the seat of the Archbishop of Milan.


5 thoughts on “il Duomo di Milano

    1. Indeed it is. I have been up to the terraces many times before as I spent many a Summer vacation close to Milan, this time, however, we didn’t go up to the terraces. Lift? I have no memory of a lift, just memories of lots of stairs… The ascent was always by foot when I was a child/teenager. Is that new?

      1. Summers in northern Italy near Milan? Lucky you!!! And I’m sure I got a lift part way up last time although the final leg did include lots of steep narrow stone steps!! It was well worth the climb though eh?! One of my fav spots in Italy!! :o)

        1. From the Netherlands it is not all that far to other European countries, so we did our fair share of driving in the Summers (f.i. France, Italy) and the Winters (the Alps).

          I definitely liked the view from the terraces, yes. It was a shame we didn’t go up once more while we were there last Summer.

          1. Sounds like a great travelling childhood – how fantastic!! Presumably thats where your love of travel started! Keep the great posts coming!

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