Jaktstart 15 km – Toppidrettsveka 2015 in Trondheim


2 thoughts on “Jaktstart 15 km – Toppidrettsveka 2015 in Trondheim

  1. Nice series. I’ve never seen these before. They’re dressed for speed, not protection. I would have thought the road is much harder than snow to fall on.

    1. Yep, they’re dressed for speed. These are Norway’s top cross-country skiers, so when they are racing in the city, everybody comes to watch the race and cheer them on. All of the people participating in this race are either pro or talented juniors. No casuals there.
      Trondheim is a hilly city, so they achieve high speeds occasionally. And yes, there were a few that must have fallen somewhere along the way, I noticed bleeding arms and legs.

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