Hellevoetsluis is a small city in the Netherlands on Voorne-Putten island in the province of South-Holland. It is located on the Haringvliet and is protected by the Delta Works to prevent flooding. The North Sea, several beaches and dunes, and nature reserves are nearby.

Because of the strategic location, Hellevoetsluis was the homeport for the Dutch war fleet from the 17th century until some time during the 1930’s when ships became too large for its canals. Several famous Dutch admirals (Maarten Tromp, Michiel de Ruyter, Piet Heyn) as well as William III of Orange have their history closely tied with this naval city.

Currently Hellevoetsluis is more known for being a water sports centre with a lot of mooring places and five harbours. Regattas, both national and international, are being held more and more often on the Haringvliet.

This body of water is not the Haringvliet, but the Oosterschelde in the province of Zeeland. Photo taken on the same day as the other photos.

Aside from these historical facts, Hellevoetsluis happens to also be the place where I spent most of my time growing up and my parents still live there. So occasionally when I travel to my parental home, I go out on a photo walk and document the many changes since I left the city to study elsewhere. There are a lot of new buildings amidst the old ones.

During our last visit, there had been a heavy storm and the remaining gales were the remnants of that storm. Waves on the Haringvliet were high, but that didn’t deter people taking out their sailboats. We watched them use their engines to get out of the port to open waters while we enjoyed the sea winds.



2 thoughts on “Hellevoetsluis

  1. If you grow up near the sea, you never forget it. This looks like a beautiful place. Hard to imagine the tranquility broken by the presence of warships, but it happens.

    1. I liked growing up there, but most of the time it is a rather sleepy city. The old part of Hellevoetsluis, the part within the old fortifications, is the nicest, the rest of the city is like most other cities when they expanded from the 1970’s on. It is however nice to have so many beaches nearby, only need a bike to get to most of them!

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