August 2015 – Strolling the watersides of Stockholm, we happened upon the Water Stories photographic exhibition by an American documentary photographer called Mustafah Abdulaziz in collaboration with HSBC Water Programme, WWF, WaterAid, and Earthwatch. The global water crisis was being presented here through photos to the general public for free and was definitely food for thought. The exhibition will be on show in London during Spring 2016.


From Strandvägen onwards to the island of Djurgården where we visited the Vasa Museum. Its building is big, dark, and humid; all to preserve what is inside, a near fully intact 17th century 64-gun warship, Vasa. It is a rather magnificent ship, even though it sank before having properly started its maiden voyage. There is a lot to be seen; walk around the ship at various floors to take a look from all sides, bits and blobs found on/in/around the Vasa in the mud, skeletal remains. Worthwhile visit.

Having a mediocre lunch while having a nice view on Skeppsholmen with the best travelling companion.