27/10/2015 – The first..

26/01/2016 – The second..





Photo essay documenting Rune getting his partial tattoo sleeve over two sessions by Elisabeth Naust at Onkel Henrys Tattooshop in Trondheim, Norway.

I was running late both sessions as they started while I was still at work. Sadly, I didn’t take a lot of photos during the first session as I was on shift that day. Juggling work phone calls and photo documentation is not a good combination and I had a lack of concentration and felt rushed.. The second part of the photo essay is therefore a stronger body of work. I, however, felt I should include some photos taken during the first session to show both inking days.

The essay doesn’t include all the pre-tattooing talks and the designing process between Rune and Elisabeth, but I can assure you that this was not an overnight decision. There were a lot of back-and-forths and deliberations on the sketches until all parties agreed that it would look as nice as Rune (and I) had envisioned.


2 thoughts on “Ink

    1. Yes, Elisabeth is quite talented when it comes to drawing, both with pencils and tattooing ink.
      I don’t think I could ever get a tattoo (so permanent! what if there’s a mistake?!), but I’m happy his turned out so nice.
      It’s black and white with a magenta colour every other inner row in the flower thingy.

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