Image by courtesy of Rune Bang Leistad.

Once upon a time I wanted to be an astronaut, but I sadly grew to be much too short and much too nearsighted. After brief career musings, I got attracted to the journalistic and documentary approach of photography and the tv medium. Photo-books and art books were gifted to me in abundance by my parents, but coverage of conflict zones interested me the most.

Despite my interests, I did not pursue anything journalism-related but enrolled into med school instead. I graduated and subsequently emigrated from the Netherlands to Norway to start my family life there.

Since 2008 I have taken up photography as a somewhat serious hobby. Not for the sake of selling prints, getting mass views or internet memes, but for my quiet enjoyment as well as for giving the people back home a view of my life in another country.
My photographic focus has shifted during the years from a primary focus on macro, close-up and nature photography to an in-the-moment approach favouring (high contrast) black-and-white. I still dabble with colour when it suits the subject better.

One thing I most certainly am not, is a prolific writer and uploader and as such daily or even weekly content will not be provided here. Content per 2-weeks seems a much more realistic goal, but will be subject to my mood, amount of photos I deem decent enough for publishing, and inspiration.

Nicola Isabelle, 30-something.
Based: Trondheim, Norway.
Photographic focus: No specific focus.
Gear & software: Leica M9-P with Summicron-M ASPH 35mm f/2.0, Fujifilm instax mini 90 with instax film, Nikon D7000 (sold), Nikon D40 (retired). Lightroom 4/5/latest in Creative Cloud, Aperture 3 (retired).
Idols: Sebastião Salgado, Christiane Amanpour, James Nachtwey, Martine Franck.
Photographic inspiration: Arthur Meyerson, Rankin, Annie Leibovitz, Bridget Besaw.
Likes: Travelling, macarons, tea, coffee, music, (video) gaming, fountain pens and stationery, and reading.
Content frequency: Per 2-weeks with post publishing around the weekends.
Copyright: Outright stealing makes me sad, note that the photos are copyright-tagged and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License as described in the sidebar.

Contact: form below or nicola[dot]isabelle[dot]photography[at]gmail[dot]com or instagram handle nicolaisabelle.